Hi, I am

Thuy Nguyen

or call me Twí

I am a freelancer.

About me

What can I do


I have knowledge about Facebook Business, Instagram Business and Tripadvisor Business and I have already tried to promote posts different ways (A/B testing). I always try to find out what the consumers need, what is trendy right now.


This is my specialty that I have been working on for 3 years now. Talking in front of people was never a problem for me. I love the atmosphere when everybody is listening and feeling the same things as me. At that moment I feel that we all are at the same boat.


With a camera or mobile it doesn’t matter. When there is something beautiful or I feel creative, I just make pictures but with the knowledge of photography (not the “howerever-photography”). I edit those pictures in Adobe Lightroom afterwards.


I have projects that needs video editing with animations in order to make successful marketing strategy. I edit them mostly on Adobe Premiere.


Most of my websites are mostly done on WordPress system because I want my clients to learn about using their own websites easily. When I create websites, I play with HTML and CSS, a lot.


When you do websites you can not do it well without the right sizes of every picture. I do those optimalizations on Adobe Photoshop.


I have a project named zaseryze.cz. It’s a food blog where I write about asian gastronomy. Sometimes I add recipes from our traditional kitchen. Thit is the project where I try to experiment people’s expectation. Through this portal I can talk with people, understand them more. And, of course, I love food.


Being creative, full of energy and that’s not all!


Fun Fact

I speak 4 languages – EN, DE, CZ, VN

Had a presentation in front of 450 people in Prague for 2 hours

Born in 1995 – still from the 90’s



Dec 2013 – Dec 2015

Kitchen helper

Restaurant Pavillon in Brno

Thanks to this opportunity I learned how luxury restaurants work internally and developed my own consulting business in the future.

Nov 2015 – Currently

Co-founder of the company

Zase Rýže – zaseryze.cz

I made workshop organizing, cooked for catering, pop-ups and other restaurants as a guest. I am also blogging about Asian culture and food on website, PR about the company and the Asian culture.

Through this opportunity I learned to use cameras professionally, photography making in Adobe Lightroom and video making in Adobe Premiere.

Sep 2017 – Dec 2017

Content developer

PUX design, s.r.o.

I have worked on content developing in the Kentico system. Most of the jobs was content editing a communication with the customer.

Jan 2017 – Currently

Website front end developer, marketing specialist

Czech-viet travels, s.r.o. – vietnamnaklic.cz

I created for them domain, front end design, SEO, marketing strategies within websites and still support them until now.

Jan 2018 – July 2019

Branding consultant, marketing specialist, “the IT woman”, HR specialist

Restaurant Zô! – zobrno.cz

My field of work for this company was branding, personalistic and financial plans, waitress for a half year because of training newcomers = coaching.


Creating websites and marketing/branding consultant


You can look into my “Portfolio”



Advanced English lessons

Gymnázium Slovanské náměstí

2015 – 2018

Managerial Informatics

University of Technology in Brno

I got my Bachelor’s Degree at University of Technology in Brno in the field of Managerial informatics. My bachelor’s work was about CRM system called HubSpot.

2018 – Currently

Information Management

University of Technology in Brno

2019 – summer semester

Business Informatics

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences

I studied Business Informatics at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences as an Erasmus student.

Download CV in CZ

Download CV in EN


Kannaway Vietnam

Hajduk & Partners Tax, s.r.o.


Hajduk & Partners, s.r.o.


Vinamo – shopping center

zopraha.cz + photography


Vietnam photography 2017


zobrno.cz + photography

Zase Rýže videos

Vietnam na klíč – presentation

Cooking courses

Administrating webs for Investman, s.r.o.


Let’s Socialize